In memory of my mother
Mila Granic

In memory of my mother <br>Mila Granic
In memory of my mother, Mila Granic
(February 18, 1941-December 20, 1995)
I support OCC(Ovarian Cancer Canada)

Friday, January 1, 2010

As Long as There Are No More Computer Issues I'll Be Here More Often

FINALLY! Back after so damn long! Didn't have a computer. Not even a laptop then it stopped working. Then bought a refurbished computer which worked on and off. Then the original laptop my nephew gave to me, a co-worker fixed, and as (bad) luck would have it the Rogers Internet Stick was defective after having no problem using it for most of the year. Then after Rogers Technical Support promised me a replacement mobile stick would arrive within 5-8 days, nothing came in the mail. After nearly a month of runarounds from Rogers, I finally got the internet stick.
So let's hope no more problems---EVER!...ever again!! I can blog at least every couple days and not be away from this for that long. WHEW!

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