In memory of my mother
Mila Granic

In memory of my mother <br>Mila Granic
In memory of my mother, Mila Granic
(February 18, 1941-December 20, 1995)
I support OCC(Ovarian Cancer Canada)

Friday, September 18, 2009

This Would've Started My Writing Career But Friendship Comes First

This would've started my writing career once and for all and I'd be known. Not necessarily a famous writer but enough of a "scoop" to get me a job at a newspaper or a magazine.

I'm on various social networking sites and on one of these sites added a friend(they accepted my friend request YAY!), who at first I thought was a poser(someone pretending to be a celebrity). After a long while I discover the person is not fake and in fact is the real deal. Needless to say I was pleasantly surprised to discover it's that person. All I'll say is I'm a huge fan of theirs. Due to their schedule they can't keep in touch often and our chats understandably are brief.

Something they said in one of our online chats I had a sneaking suspicion this is going to make headlines one day(they didn't even come close to hinting but somehow I just knew). My instinct was ask this person about it and I have no doubt whatsoever they would have told me then and there and I have my story. They know of my interest in writing. But after all these online conversations we had my conscience got the better of me("Don't start your career at a friend's expense"). This person I now consider and will always consider a very good friend.

Anyways either it's in the news, or will be in the news soon. Sorry to be so vague but when I promise a friend confidentiality I keep my word(I promised them that from DAY 1 even before any of us were aware of other stuff to happen about/to them. Someone else far away did pick up the scoop or will pick up this scoop shortly.

Do I regret it? That I didn't tell anyone and never wrote about this anywhere..other than in this blog you're reading? Nope! Because I respect this friend and they've done so much for me. The "so much" being considering their position and lack of time, they still found the time,often, even if it's once every 6 months for 10 or 15 minutes to have a personal 1-on-1 chat with me. I'm loyal to my friends for life and repay them back any way I can.(I'd be content chatting, online or in person at the coffee shop or wherever else, about whatever they want to talk about than mentioning this if they wish to keep their mind off of certain things). Because friends don't hurt friends. In the position they're in it's very hard to tell who your real friends are. I'm no angel by any means and am not perfect but a real friend to this person I will always be.

(That person hasn't had a chance to keep in touch for awhile...I miss our chats...but in case that individual is reading this, you told me once where you were secretly holidaying[that too I never told anyone to this day. Not even my family], and you told a famous friend of yours I'm "sweet"(thank you!, I'm blushing)and you gave me your friend's email address, please let me know how things are I'd love to hear from you!

I'm not worried about missing out maybe on one of the possibly only opportunities I'll ever have to get a job writing(I can sleep with a clear conscience), but I am worried about my friend and hope everything is okay.

What's the secret you may be wondering? Well, I will tell you this. I'm not the one who'll be telling you. You'll find out from other sources. In a million years you'll never hear it from me. I keep secrets to my grave.

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