In memory of my mother
Mila Granic

In memory of my mother <br>Mila Granic
In memory of my mother, Mila Granic
(February 18, 1941-December 20, 1995)
I support OCC(Ovarian Cancer Canada)

Monday, November 16, 2009

I Like This Quote

I attempted to have a Quote of the Day and since I prefer not to use the automated Quotes many sites give us the option to use. The reason for that when a person chooses which quote they want the reader knows the real you. What you like and the kind of quote you like reveals the real you to your readers. With the automated quotes, your readers won't know if the quote is one you like or just one put there for the hell of it.

Instead of Quote of the Day or week instead it'll now be called "I Like This Quote". Today,

"A word to the wise ain't necessary. It's the stupid ones that need the advice."-Bill Cosby.

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