In memory of my mother
Mila Granic

In memory of my mother <br>Mila Granic
In memory of my mother, Mila Granic
(February 18, 1941-December 20, 1995)
I support OCC(Ovarian Cancer Canada)

Sunday, September 13, 2009

Neglect No Surprise to Me

Though the circumstances are different, this story( about the Toronto Humane Society(THS) neglecting animals doesn't surprise me.

In the late 1990s I briefly lived in T.O.(near Rogers & Keele)with my aunt and uncle.
There was a hurt pigeon in the backyard. Being a Saturday I had a hell of a time finding a real live person to talk to at THS. By the time I actually spoke to a human, and gave the address the woman told me someone would be there "shortly".

Shortly? 1-hour passed by. And then 2-hours. 5-hours later no one from the THS bothered to show up. In the meantime I kept trying to call them again but kept getting a recording and no more live human beings to talk to. I slept over at my aunt & uncle's and Sunday morning thinking things would be taken care of by now. Boy was I wrong!

I even informed some local media(which shall remain nameless)and they didn't believe me that the Toronto Humane Society could be that uncruel, that uncaring by not sending anyone over after I was told they(THS)would send someone over "shortly." Pity! If the media would have reported then what I told them maybe we could have put a stop to THS neglect back then.

That poor pigeon was neglected and left to die because no one from the Toronto Humane Society wanted to show up to help. I was promised, yes PROMISED someone would be sent. If that isn't neglect on the part of THS then what the hell do you call it?

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